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Tonia MacPhail, A.A.S., HIS

Owner, Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist


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Meet Tonia MacPhail, A.A.S., HIS

In 1997, I relocated from the Seattle suburbs to Stanwood to raise my two girls in our wonderful, small community. After spending years in the customer service and insurance industry, I wanted a change and in 2007, I was lucky enough to be hired at our local hearing center. I started as the office assistant setting up the electronic insurance billing system but was quickly promoted to office manager. For the first time in years, I found what I loved to do. When the opportunity to attend school and learn how to test and fit hearing aids, I jumped on it. I have always said, “When you love what you do, you’ll never have a bad day.” That statement couldn’t be more true. I graduated with honors in 2011 and was consistently among the top fitters I the country. I have been committed since day one to help my patients with their hearing loss. Difficult hearing losses are a challenge, but with my tenacity, I know I can help you improve your hearing. Nothing makes me happier than hearing my patients, who are more of an extension of my family, tell stories and explain how they are more active and able to do things they use to enjoy before they experienced  hearing loss. I have the experience and most of all, I am committed to your better hearing. Together, we will accomplish what other hearing centers may not be able to, improve your lifestyle. It’s about you and how I can help you.

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