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How Will Wearing Hearing Aids Change Your Life?

a silver hearing aid held in a hand

One of the most obvious benefits of wearing a hearing aid is improved hearing. However, hearing aids do more than help you hear again. They have the power to change your life; when you have hearing loss, you miss parts of conversations, the intricate details in musical pieces and theatre. You will need to have subtitles on when you watch a movie or a program at home.
After you have finished working with your audiologist to find the best hearing aids for you; and have them fitted well, you are likely to have some life-changing and fantastic benefits.


Some research shows that your activity levels increase when you get fitted with a hearing aid. This is because it becomes easier to engage in group activities and to hear the instructions if they come from the front. This also goes for organizing social events and group learning environments.
When you have the ideal solution, and the ideal hearing aid for your situation, your confidence in a social setting will rise. 
When you know for sure that you won’t miss any of the information and instructions, you can join in with activities confidence every time. 


Work can be a stressful environment, even without hearing loss, if you’re finding yourself missing essential pieces of conversations, or continually asking your co-workers and even your boss to repeat themselves all the time. 
Over time this may begin to weigh heavily on you. You might feel like you are asking too much of your colleagues, even though they are happy to help. 
Even the smallest amount of hearing loss and will have a genuine impact on your workplace relationships, and in fact, it might even have an effect on your career’s success. A hearing aid can minimize the negative impact that this is likely to have. 
Make sure that you can maintain and even improve on all of your professional relationships. You can create new ones with complete confidence when you take control of your hearing.
When it comes to busy, noisy events like work events, networking events and even talks, these are all more easily managed when you have a hearing aid fitted.


Communication is an essential part of any healthy relationship; this goes for familial relationships and relationships within work. So, of course, it is understandable that hearing loss can impact your everyday ability to communicate. If fact, over time, if you’re beginning to miss a vital part of the communication between your families, partners, co-workers and friends, you can sometimes feel that you are drifting apart slightly. 
Frustration is a prevalent side effect of hearing loss, having to ask people to repeat themselves several times or missing out on a funny part of the conversation. 
Asking for the jokes to be repeated can be a sensitive topic. Of course, your friends and family won’t mind repeating themselves. They will be happy to do it. But it’s always funnier the first time around!
Having a hearing aid fitted will mean that you no longer have to ask people to repeat themselves. You can be 100% active in all of those conversations; listening is one of the most important communication skills, so it makes sense to want to be able to do it to the best of your ability. 
Communicating effectively and joining in every conversation with me and your friends and family get the best of you.


When you’re experiencing gradual hearing loss, there is unease that will come with that. However, when you do get it fitted with the right hearing aid for your situation, working alongside your audiologist, but then it will begin to lift pretty quickly.
In some circumstances, when you aren’t able to hear clearly, it can be quite worrying. And it’s not hard to see why there might be some feelings of insecurity. Over time those specific activities will cause a rise in your stress levels. And it’s unfortunate to know that an increase in stress levels will also have a further negative impact on your hearing.
People who have a hearing aid fitted have been shown to see an increase in comfort and well-being. 
From personal health and well-being to socializing and communicating with your loved ones having a hearing aid fitted comes with a considerable increase in confidence. It changes your life in many ways. If you are ready to take charge of your hearing health, then learn more about Stanwood Hearing by calling 360-502-4644 today.